AGL IQ Suddenly stopped showing solar

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Hey guys


I've had solar for a few months now and use the AGL IQ the account for how much power I use vs solar generated. I recently had Aircon installed and would like to know how much it really uses daily / nightly etc without an external energy meter and figured I would just use AGL IQ. Anyhow the **bleep** thing has stopped reporting how much solar I generate. the inverter still says its pumping out 20-30kw/h per day, so the issue isn't there. The smart meter also is still constantly going up - so chances are its an AGL IQ database error.


So being the diligent AGL customer I decided to ring up and see if I could get an answer. Well AGL themselves immediately bounced me to AGL solar, who said its not their issue either - I then got bounced to the AGL Smart Meter section, in case it was an issue with that (to which they say my meter is working fine). I have no real way of contacting whoever is in charge of AGL IQ so here I am.


I was mainly concerned in case something on my end was not working correctly or the aircon sparkies somehow turned the feed off for IQ (I'm unsure how it actually sends data out, but it still seems to see how much power I use)


anyhow looking forward to any ideas.



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Hi CozmoNz,


Welcome to the AGL Community!


I'd like to preface my response with an apology for the way your enquiry has been bounced around. To clarify - a solar team do not handle AGL IQ-related enquiries, so the fact that your enquiry was transferred at all was an error on our behalf.


Usage data can be behind by 2-4 days from time to time for a number of reasons, and if this is the case, solar export will typically appear as 'nil' as it has in your case. Can I please ask to confirm if these figures have updated since yesterday?


Kind regards,



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Haha, Looks like you've fixed it Jayden,


Thanks for that mate!

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Hey CozmoNz,


This is great to hear!


Please sing out of you face any other issues.





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hi , i have the same problem with my solar feed in, it has stopped showing on the app. 

what can i do to fix it ? 

Also my meter has a red light on it permanently on active status.  Should it be green ? 

Its now been 4 days like this.  And  previously it has worked fine for over one month and always displayed usage and feed back at the same time... 

But now showing usage only. solar feed in credits

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Hi Frogman,


We will need to look into this one further for you.


Please get in touch via our web chat service through the below link.