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I would like to know if anyone else out there has troubles getting there money back after they pay way too much for bill smoothing, we decided to use this three time now and all three times it’s taken weeks and months for this money to go back into my account, I’ve called them up and get we are sorry for the inconvenience I’ll get onto it by escalation yes ok thank you. Wait the time they give again 5-10 business days guess what again no refund we do this until we get quiet upset and ask to speak with the previous manager from escalations guess what there not available every time so we wait till someone gets back to us from management again and again hearing the same thing over and over we are so sorry for the inconvenience. Crap on seriously does anyone know what they’re doing there at AGL? Customer service has gone down the toilet it’s supposed to be an Aussie company I’m ashamed if it is because this most definitely is not The Aussie Way MATE! 

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Hi there HardworkAusFam1,


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If you've overpaid your Bill Smoothing plan, then you are absolutely entitled to a refund should you elect to receive one. I'm sorry to hear that we've made this so difficult for you. I'll ask that you send me a quick private message by clicking on my handle (jaydeny) with your account number and address so that I can follow up on this. 


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Hi i am with Agl since 29 th of November
But I didn’t receive any bill for the last quarter


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Hello Negar, 

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It can always be a concern when you do not get a bill after being at the property for a while, however if you jump onto your AGL App or online account it should show you how many days until you receive a bill, view any bills that have been issued even before they hit your email and of course if you do think there may be a problem you are always welcome to contact us directly for extra support here


Thank you.