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Hey all,

When I go to the website, on the overview tab I get an amount owing or in credit.

But on the billing tab the PDF bill shows completely different.

I'm presuming that the overview is real time?

Do I pay monies based on the overview or PDF amount?

Quite often I'm away and my partner gets the bill at home and panics about getting it paid whilst the website says we're in credit??

What is the 'correct' figure to base payments on?

Thanks in advance!

AGL Moderator
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Hi Stevegasser, thanks for being part of the AGL Community.


If you have a remotely read smart meter, your usage will update daily, so the 'Cost to Date' will be different to what appears on your bill, as the bill only covers up to a certain period. If you require further assistance with this, please contact us here. You can also get in touch through AGL Messenger via the APP or by logging into My Account.


Kind Regards,


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Hi Jenna,

No smart meter. My main question is what do I pay my bill on the online figure or PDF bill?

Cheers, Steve

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Still waiting for an answer

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Hi Stevegasser! 


The PDF bill is generally the correct one, however if you are unsure, message our dedicated team on the AGL App and they can confirm for you. 

Thank you