When will AGL fix IGL IQ so it works?

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AGL again has broken my AGL IQ for about 5 days I can't get the usage charges it says "unfortunately, there was an error loading your usage charges data. Please try again later. (AJ - 496)"  since before last Friday. Not that the calculations are correct, I can't understand how they can't get a simple calculation algorithm right is I can, but it gave me a guide. Also login is  now very difficult and I need to use a work around since you changed your contact AGL page. Your programmers are hopeless and you need to fix the things you promote and advertise as user tools and features. Get your act together or if you think you have tell us how toget the date we want.

AGL Moderator
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Hi marc97au,


I'm sorry to hear that you're still facing these issues!


Please send me a quick private message by clicking my username (jaydeny) with your AGL account number and email address so that I can get this sorted out for you once and for all.


Kind regards,