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Hi my husband and I are living in his grandparents house which are both deceased now and we are wanting to know how do we change the electricity account over into our name instead of his grandads name so far we have just been paying the bill in his grandads name but because it’s not in our name we can’t put payment extension on the bills if we need to 

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If you have been given the house in a will then it should have been transferred into your name.

Legally, you cannot have access to the account.


You could try contacting AGL on the phone, chat or email to see if they can assist.


This is basically a chat page were people like me can give an opinion and nothing here is legally binding.

(Hence no response from any AGL moderators).


If in doubt I suggest that you contact the person responsible for the will (executor) or engage a solicitor to assist you in such legal matters.


My understanding is that if AGL does not believe you have a legal right to the property then they can withdraw all services from the property and inform the Supplier(s) of that fact.




Cheers Neil

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