AGL does not honour their offer

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I signed a 2 year contract with AGL which offer me with $100 bonus credit on gas.  That I will be credited $25 in every 6 months.  I followed all requirements and the last bill also stated that I will be credited $25 in next bill.  I finished 2 year contract in Feb and after that I changed to Origin.  They denied my last $25 credit due to my leaving.  However ridiculous!  I fulfilled the 2 year contract, I entitled to get my offer bonus.   I will complain to ACCC if this issue has not be solved.  AGL is not reliable, last time my electricity bonus initial stated that $20 but after billing they said which including GST so I get only $18.19.   And my home address can suddenly change from no 10 to no 25, and then they required me to give evidence!!!  AGL is a lier.

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Reckon you will find that AGL has done the right thing.


Check your billing did you get the equivalent of $12.50 reduction in every 90 day billing period.


As to getting $18.19 that is the same as getting $20 less the GST.


(GST is added at 10% at the end of the bill)


So $20 * 0.909090909 is $18.19 so similarly $18.19 *10% is $1.81.


Therefore $18.19 plus $1.81 is equal to $20.00.


This is very basic maths and easily explained in Financial Calculations.


You can trust me, I got 100% in my INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING SIX WEEK COURSE at TAFE back in 1993.


Good luck in your endeavours.