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If I have a problem and want to send a message, I don't want to go through a frustrating maze of computerized predicted Q&A irrelevant stuff, just so that you can avoid employing staff.

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Cannot use the website for all complaints so will try this

Although logged in couldn't send a message.


Feedback numbers do not work (No link) Not the first time.

The website is hard to navigate for the same reason.

Phone customer support is not good and had to wait a very long time.

Overall giving feedback on most categories always has a problem and cannot be sent.

Suggest a beta test of the whole site since feedback is useless if you don't get t..

I have three accounts in 2 days the same. One a bit different and I should have got one to say that my smoothing overpayment had been paid into the bank.  I was told it would come the following day and still not there. About 18 days. This is the only message I wanted. Not a word about my main question.Very poor

service - Both technical and design problems.

AGL Moderator
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Hi addarroch, thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback, we are always looking at ways to improve out service, I have had your feedback passed recorded. Kind regards, Steven.