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Kaila Switched-on
4 weeks ago

Re: Phone outAge. Cannnot contact AGL ON 13 NUMBERS

Hello PandaI reached out to the community because I have no way of contacting AGL. There was not enough room to describe my problem.It is an NBN problem. Not AGL (as such) * If you Google "phone outage" you will come up with the appropriate NBN page that describes the problem. In the past, my Suburb shows up as having a problem, but not this time..I am using my PC. The problem is with the landline phone ringing another landline phone. In this case,a 6 digit phone number starting with 13, which i ...
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Kaila Switched-on
a month ago

Phone outAge. Cannnot contact AGL ON 13 NUMBERS

When I go to "messaging" there is a permanent message on left-hand upper page that I need to sign in again as my time is up or something like that. This happens when I have been on the site for a minute. We have an NBN outage in my area and cannot ring AGL on 13 numbers using landline.. I want to change the bill smoothing. I can change other details, but not the amount. Synergy made it so so easy. I can find no way of contacting AGL and it has been 4 days. Can anyone help please? AGL can learn ...
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