Value saver plan vs special sever plan

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What is the difference  between value saver plan and special saver plan

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Hi Cisaffa, thank you for your question.

Our contact centre is available 24/7. You can find out how to contact us via


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"What is the difference  between value saver plan and special saver plan" simple question could not be answered in writing by an agent! 

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Your simple question is in fact not a simple question,

I suggest you start with which gives a rough explanation of what tariffs are.

Once you have digested that then go to enter all of the requested details

From there you can then view EVERY TARIFF from EVERY RETAILER in your state.


You do understand that every state is different in fees and charges.


AGL has 12 listings for Value Savers in SA alone, you need to select your desired tariff and circumstances to get the plan that is best for you.


Also some plans are only available to new customers, those with solar panels, those with EV's and those with controlled load(s).


I would stay away with plans that have demand tariffs as one day with a high demand will apply for the whole month and even if you are away and all the power is off you will still pay a 1kWH demand rate.


If you don't want to go through the Energy Made Easy web site (Aust Gov) then you can do a SIMPLE SEARCH on Google for your plan and then compare them for yourself.


Yep you can see, I have given a simple answer. to your simple question

Cheers Neil

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