VIP plan rates with smart meter

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I'm currently on the VIP friends and Family offer on the Ausgrid network in Newcastle, NSW. 


At present I have a single tariff meter and a controlled load for hot water. If I was to upgrade to a smart meter what would my applicable usage rates be?


I'm trying to work out if it is worth changing over. 



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There are sometimes many options for power, go here and put your address in, electricity only, see what comes up . . . 


Also you can check the info that comes up with a similar search here at Energy Made Easy, the GOVCO site for people to compare plans and tariffs . . . 


I know you will be on a slightly better rate with VIP Friends & Family, but this would give you an idea.

With single rate / CL, it will not be easy to work out how TOU will compare charges to the numerous interval usage periods, and you CL (unless on a night switch) will come on through the numerous CL TOU tariff periods.


Generally going to TOU is best if you are home during the day, and able to use power at shoulder times / rates, also if you can set a HWS to work in shoulder, as early morning off peak is usually more costly (in SA it is at least).


If you work during the day and use most power in the early morning / evening, TOU is probably going to be more costly for you.