Bill smoothing appears all wrong.

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I have commented on this before.  My average consumption bill over the last 6 months is $407 a month yet my bill smoothing is set at $528 a month.  I cannot see anywhere that I am in credit.


I have solar on the old tariff, do I lose this tariff if I move from AGL?  It may be worth losing at this rate - AGL are not the company they were when I joined them in 2012. 

AGL Moderator
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Hi DattoSSS, Bill smoothing recommendation is calculated based on several factors such as season, historical usage, usage of similar-sized households in your distribution area etc. It would be worth visiting here to see if you are on the best offer which will also help reduce your bill-smoothing recommendation. Also, I believe you are referring to the premium feed-in tariff, which is a government initiative and is not impacted by the retailer you are with. Cheers, Deepesh

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Based on several factors, which are outside of my control?

Season, usage of similar sized households?  That's ridiculous.  Bill smoothing should be based on MY account, no one elses.


Additionally, my last 3 usage bills show $299.96 (March), $337.41(April) and $392.55 (May).    For each of these months I paid $528 "bill smoothing".  Accordingly I should be $554 in credit yet my overview doesn't state that anywhere.  Am I in credit or am I being robbed?  Please advise.


I would ask that AGL look at my account and determine what is going on and what the best deal is for me.  You have my details.