Usage discrepancies

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I’ve always found it odd over the years that my average consumption charts with same time last year info are always seeming to increase. It’s never made sense to me, price increase I understand but how does a household with the same amount of people doing the same activities have more and more power and gas usage. Just got my last quarterly gas bill and it has increased from a daily ave of 25 to 68. This seems impossible surely something is fishy? Any advice

Super Nova
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I could say something glib "Like I am sure that is wrong" because of the compelling evidence you have presented.


However  you have given any data.


Have you measured the items that you have connected for their consumption? (for this an inline power meter would be a good investment)

Have you checked the operation of the major energy consuming items to confirm they are operation correctly?

These items would include Fridges, Freezers, Air Conditioners, Electric Heaters, Hot Water Services, Incandescent Lights, Pumps, etc. For example if fridge/freezer door seals are leaking then it will operate normally but consume more power.

Just because the number of people have remained the same, it doesn't mean their consumption has done the same, especially if they are not paying the bills.

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Hmm, how to measure gas usage though ?

If your avg daily use has increased from 25 to 68 (MJ ?), for same time as last period, that seems 2.75 x is a huge increase.

We've not had gas connection ever, is there a way you can get your meter checked ?

Besides a leak, I would think that's about the only other way it could be so high, if indeed your usage habits haven't changed.

AGL Moderator
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Hi Gregorious, There could be a few factors that can influence the usage data on your bill. If your previous bills were estimated and if it was underestimated it can inflate the usage on your latest bill. Usage can increase if there is a potential energy leak at your property. The AGL app or My account is a good tool to understand your usage. You can also perform an isolation test to understand your daily usage. I will send you a private message shortly to provide more specific information related to your site. Cheers, Deepesh