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As part of the  resolution of AGL complaint 919068 in December 2023 AGL stated:

  • As a once off goodwill gesture we have applied $200 credit on the electricity account. 
This was an issue related to EWON Complaint reference 427057.
We have received latest AGL bill for period 14th Dec 2023 to 14th March 2024. This is the first bill since the resolution of the complaint.
We cannot see where the $200 goodwill credit has been applied.
There is a credit of $113.64 on the bill. 
Can you please explain why it seems like the $200 goodwill credit has not been applied and why there is a credit of $113.64 on the bill?
Can you also please explain why the bill states:  "Value Saver plan may cost you up to $125 less per year (incl. GST) than your current plan," but elsewhere on the bill it states we are already on the Value Saver plan: "Summary of your energy plan: Value Saver.  Your energy plan period ends on 13 Dec 2024 "

I sent this info as a reply email to AGL's complaint email address on 3rd April and as at 16th April I have had no reply. I have since paid the bill.

AGL Moderator
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Hi Pilgrim, Thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry to hear that you still have to follow up on a previously resolved ombudsman complaint. I will send you a private message shortly so your enquiry can be clarified. Cheers, Deepesh