Trying to change energy plan

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When i try to change my energy plan my supply address is automatically entered but when i click continue I get a popup which says "Something went wrong". 

Sorry, it doesn't look like we currently supply energy to your area.

Please contact AGL on 131 245 or chat with us online for assistance.

Why cant I change my energy plan. Do I have to change companys to get onto a lower cost plan.


AGL Moderator
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Hi @mikestreet, Thank you for reaching out. 


I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble changing your energy plan


We have not heard of any issues with changing plans online. It might be worth clearing any cache and cookies or trying a different internet browser if you haven't already. 


If you are still facing trouble, please contact, you can find how to contact us via 


We want to help with getting you onto a lower rate plan, but we are unable to do it her due mandatory scripting, sorry!


Kind Regards, 




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You are absolute liars !! I have been trying to change my plan for 5 months now and have the same issue. Your Customer service are also useless and haven't been able to change it for me via chat either. 

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I'm not sure if you are reading the posts properly. This is to change an existing plan so AGL is already supplying the energy .