Total solar feed-in not credited to account

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I have had two long phone calls to support staff re the slow and incorrect amount being debited to my account. Massive consumption from the grid I'm talk in 25kwh to 30kwh plus on some days. At one time the projected projected bill was $350 plus. The bills has been reduced and the correct solar feed in for the  25th, 26th, 27th and 28th are now displayed. From 10/01 to 24/01 still are showing only a very small solar feed-in I have calculated something in the regions of 300kwh short in credits to my account?

This has not been a comfortable and confidence inspiring transfer to AGL. Let us hope the journey gets better as worse service is not possible.


Not a happy or confident customer


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Same problem here. I have had a system replaced and it is not appearing on the account. 2 very long phone calls to Manilla and no solution. I received 2 different responses to my query and neither solve the problem of the lack of an actual read. I have lost over 4000kWh of feed in to this company. I would be really good if you could talk to some in Aus who knows how to resolve an issue and doesn't try to cover up a problem with fabricated stories.

No...the service will not get any better!!!! Time to switch companies after 20 years.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Montychristo @Usand2dogs ,


These do sound like frustrating situations. In your contact with AGL so far, have you been speaking with our Solutions team? They are based in Australia.

We have a process for complaints which you can check out here if you choose to pursue that course.

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Hi Usand@dogs

Sorry to read of your drama and ripoff of your solar feed-in.

With such poor business ethics it a wonder AGL survive in this competitive market?

Or could this part of reason for the stock value fall.

Looks like more long phone calls and lies from support staff. So sad when staff have to lie to genuine customers. Ethics and honesty are a thing off the quickly forgotten parts in this do anything for the quick dollar.

Switch company that is another problem.

Origin were great with .21 feed in until late last year  they had a big restructure cut back to first 5kwh at .21 then .10 there after each day. They are now back to .16 per kwh never had a problem or need for a phone call in the 3yrs of solar feed in.

Click Energy .16 per kwh and only allow one withdrawal of credits per 12mnth period unless you leave them, which I did.


Good luck in you journey. 🙂



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To Usand2dogs.

Do you have a smart meter fitted.

If YES do you still have AGL Energy account copies of your old system before the upgrade of the solar system. Document all your steps to substantiate your claim of non payment of solar feed in credits.

Take computer screen shots showing your account without the feed in.

Next contact the Ombudsman re AGLs non meeting  and honoring their charter by accepting your solar feed in yet not pay for it.

I would also suggest taking regular photos of your smart meter and daily screen snaps of your solar systems generated energy. As an indicator of the amount of excess power being fed into the grid.  

 Take care in these trying times.