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Alternative APP

Has any smart fellow AGL Customers not been happy with the slow loading and erratic performance of theAGL APP? If so I'm more than willing to be a guinea pig, sorry product tester.  With thanks. Montychristo
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Re: Trying to reply to messages from AGL

Hi Schumm, Welcome to my little Moan on the sad offering from AGL.For a company that relies on communication and technology AGL are very slow to address malfunctioningprograms or are they like so many others that do product testing in the market place with endless faults and updates. AGL's app is good when it's working. ;-( I and most solar owner / users have a program or app that is linked with their inverter that already gives them what your describing.
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Re: Total solar feed-in not credited to account

To Usand2dogs.Do you have a smart meter fitted.If YES do you still have AGL Energy account copies of your old system before the upgrade of the solar system. Document all your steps to substantiate your claim of non payment of solar feed in credits.Take computer screen shots showing your account without the feed in.Next contact the Ombudsman re AGLs non meeting and honoring their charter by accepting your solar feed in yet not pay for it.I would also suggest taking regular photos of your smart m ...
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Re: Viewing solar feed in amount

Hi Michael3, Don't hold your breath. ACL work at a snails pace in all things sadly. Even more so when they have to credit you with solar Feed in Credit. My advice to you is set up an Excel spread sheet and enter in your solar generated and solar feed in from your inverter app. I changed from Click Energy to AGL on the 20/12 I still have the confirmation email  yet Click and AGL only started work on the actual switch over on the 10/01. Since then its been emails and phone calls to try and ...
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