Solar feed in tarrif

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Hi I have recently had solar panels installed on our house and looking best solar plans. Hence can you advise what your current solar feed in tariff  is. We have gas as well. Thanks

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Finding the best plan requires a lot of research.

I work with Seniors and use to get comparisons for usage.

You can also use which is a Federal Government Web Site.


Getting the best feed-in price is not always the best way to go for a Electricity Plan.

For instance you may get a plan that pays $0.20 a KW for feed-in but charges $0.40 per KW for usage.

Yesterday our house used 3.131 KW and we exported to the grid 21.326 KW.

So based on the above we used $0.63 and made $4.25 electricity supply charge cost us $0.91 for the day. (Note that we heat our water during the day using our Solar Power which uses about 3kw from the solar output)


In all we made $2.71 yesterday.


We know exactly how much we use based over the last two years of data.

So last month our average was 4.00 Kw a day used 21.48 kw a day exported.

For our last billing period it was 4.44kw a day used and 13.05 Kw a day exported (and we used 4.03 Kw a day of the solar generated) for a final bill for the quarter of $18.00.


Now this was due to a large number of overcast days (same quarter last year daily it was 4.21 and 24.27).


Having solar will ALWAYS reduce your bill but you need to understand your usage to get the best benefits. If you use the majority of your power at night and are high users you may be better off to take a lower Solar Rate as you will get a lower Grid rate.


Hope this helps




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maybe you could explain why AGL does not provide a list detailing all tariffs and charges for each plan?


When using the Change Plan function (AGL MyAccount webpage) only AGL Essentials plans are listed, solar plans are not included, given that I have solar panels why are the search results limited? 


After several hours trying to locate the relevant tariffs and charges I contacted AGL via telephone and after 52 mins on hold I was advised the information would be provided via email, still waiting. I understand the economics associated with staffing however effective and efficient web design is paramount.


The residential solar savers plan includes a FIT of $0.17, is this additional to the Govt rebate of $0.44

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Please disregard the last post

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I know you said cancel this but....


Click on this link Energy Price Fact Sheets 

Enter Post Code and energy type to get the info.


Or you could use the other two links that I mentioned above.