Seniors Saver Plan

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Why am I unable to find any reference to the Seniors Saver plan rates when looking to compare plans on the AGL site?

My last electricity account suggested I could save money by switching from my current AGL Solar Savers plan, but I want to see the details. Calling the 131 245 number only resulted in me being texted a link to compare plan rates but that didn't seem to include any reference to Seniors Saver.

Frustrating... especially given the number of other more compelling competitor plans being thrown around at the moment. 

Also, are the AGL rates changing from July?



AGL Moderator
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HI RJB, Thanks for reaching out and I'm sorry to hear about your poor experience. I will send you a private message shortly to discuss further. Cheers, Deepesh

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Please message me the details as well as I also find any reference even though it’s mentioned on the bill I received today 

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Me too - nothing. Deliberate?

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There's nothing overly special about the Seniors plan, was on it briefly before going solar.

It is same as Value Saver plan rates (at least when I went to it last Nov), but you get a ONE OF $25 credit when you change to it.


Yes, odd it's not on there as a plan option, the current Value Saver offers $100 when signing up to a new electricity account, it's not like the Seniors single rebate is a game changer.


AGL also don't list the EV Night Saver plan / rates on their site as an option when you search up plans, only visible if you look for it via the EV section of their website.