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Hi there, I was reviewing my bill today as it was higher than I expected, and I noticed that my plan had been changed from Solar Saver where I received 20 cents feed-in tariff, to a value saver, where I receive 5 cents. I didn't switch to the value saver. I have intentionally stayed with AGL due to the 20-cent feed-in tariff. I've tried the chat/help and message functions and I get a loop back to my account. Can someone please tell me why this has happened? I've reviewed all correspondence and I didn't' receive any emails from AGL saying that this would be changed. I am very annoyed. 

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Hi @Bett_Paronis,


Welcome to AGL Neighbourhood! This sounds like your Solar Savers plan may have expired and rolled over to Value Saver plan. I'll send you a private message to grab your account details, so I can access your account and help you further.




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Hi just checked through my email's.


I was informed on the 6/7/22 that my rates were changing.


The message included my current rates and the new rates.


At that time the new start date was listed as the 1st Aug 22, in fact it did not change until the 10th of August.


This gave me plenty of time to review the impact to our billing and make a decision about changing plans or even retailer.


In our case we decided to stay.


@-Olgi-  may be able to help by checking internally as to when your email / letter was sent to you.


Cheers Neil

Cheers Neil

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