AGL app and actual usage and feed in mismatch

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Ok, I have just switched over to AGL. Hopefully I don't regret it. My issue is that the app is showing completely different data than what it actually is..

Let's use the 3rd of June, first day of data display on the app.

Inverter generation 13.1 KWh 

AGL June 3rd  data

Electricity bought from grid 21.50 KWh

Solar electricity sold to grid 3.20KWh

Net usage 18.30 KWh

Previous Retailers June 3rd data

Electricity bought from grid 7.83 KWh

Solar electricity sold to grid 10.11 KWh

Powerpal app attached to smart meter says I used a total of 7.83 KWh on June 3rd.

Judging by these figures, it sounds like the 3KWh that I supposedly fed in to the grid is the power I used for my house load before feed in, and I am getting charged for what was actually fed in ie. The 10.1 KWh. And the 7.83 KWh actually used.

So what I actually used plus what was actually fed into the grid AGL claims is my usage. It almost adds up.

Spoke to an AGL rep today and was told to wait a couple of days as they don't have the data yet because it is so soon after the account transfer. How then could I have the data on the app.

I was told it may be incorrect.

Any answers would be appreciated and if someone else had this problem, was it resolved?.



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I am in the exact same situation.. hope I don’t regret it too.

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I have had solar for many years, all with AGL. I have noticed Credits steadily decline - for the first maybe 7 years I was always in credit (as high at $500+ per quarter. Now (esp. since going to monthly) credits are proportionally lower, even in matching periods ... My real concern is: my inverter in the last few months reports from 15kwh to 20kwh per day generated, but in the last few bills only show a feed-in of average 10kwh per day? Why this discrepancy?