Not receiving bills

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I don't seem to be receiving any bills.  I have no idea what electricity is costing me.  Please send me my last three accounts.  I don't understand why I am not receiving accounts but you are taking my money fortnightly.  Unacceptable.  When my account went into credit it was an absolute debacle trying to get a refund and I received it in 10 different deposits.  How ridiculous and now I get no bill at all to know what power is costing me.  Please fix this or I am going elsewhere.  Too hard.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @JulieA , you can check your communication preferences (like which email address your bills are sent to) by logging into your AGL My Account page.


If you were previously receiving bills to your email address  and they have stopped, you might also need to check spam folders etc.

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I don’t want to log on anywhere including here to be told my phone number is not verified and continue screwing around with my time JUST TO GET A BILL SENT TO MY EMAIL ADDRESS.  Why can you not send me all the bills I have not been receiving FFS.  I do not work for you.  Please do not ask me to log on anywhere JUST EMAIL ME MY BILLS.  Pretty simple.

AGL Moderator
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Hi JulieA! 

We're not able to reissue your bills here over AGL Community as this is a public forum. Please Contact Us so we can check your account with you and have those bills reissued. 


Kind regards,