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Re: Not receiving bills

I don’t want to log on anywhere including here to be told my phone number is not verified and continue screwing around with my time JUST TO GET A BILL SENT TO MY EMAIL ADDRESS. Why can you not send me all the bills I have not been receiving FFS. I do not work for you. Please do not ask me to log on anywhere JUST EMAIL ME MY BILLS. Pretty simple.
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JulieA Switched-on

Not receiving bills

I don't seem to be receiving any bills. I have no idea what electricity is costing me. Please send me my last three accounts. I don't understand why I am not receiving accounts but you are taking my money fortnightly. Unacceptable. When my account went into credit it was an absolute debacle trying to get a refund and I received it in 10 different deposits. How ridiculous and now I get no bill at all to know what power is costing me. Please fix this or I am going elsewhere. Too hard.
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