Not happy ... Customer Service not fixing my overcharged gas bill from 2016

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Hi there

I've phoned customer service twice regarding only receiving an adjustment for 1 of my 2 meters from my July 2016 bill which had estimated readings. The meter reading that hasn't been corrected was estimated to increase from 68848 to 75649 - between 5-8 times my usage on previous bills. For the September 2016 bill the opening read was written as 69529 and no credit has been received for the overcharge which I calculate to be around $99. It took me until the July 2018 bill for my meter reading to pass 75649, so I've paid twice for gas usage for 2 years!


Both times I've called (October and November 2019) I was told it would be referred to another department for investigation and someone would contact me within a week ... it's now the end of December and no contact. I am not going through another 45 minute conversation to explain the whole thing again to be told that they don't understand what I'm talking about and that I can't speak to the department responsible for investigating. It's not good enough and makes me want to change providers. Please can you get someone to fix this and contact me to confirm it has been actioned - I shouldn't have to call and spend another hour of my life going through this again ... my next call will be to the ombudsman

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So I've just spent another 45 minutes - this time with your online chat with no resolution and a bunch of platitudes and please waits and I completely understand your frustration (that's just plain annoying and frustrating in itself) to be told that they can't help me but they will raise an investigation and that I should call AGAIN to speak with your resolutions team - that will be the third investigation with no outcome and my 4th waste of my precious time - apparently your system can't adjust the reading so do i just suck it up and lose $99 because of your business' complete incompetency and inability to fix your mistakes?

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Hi Kyliered, 


It is really frustrating when you end up going in circles. The best way to have this one resolved would be to speak with our Resolutions Team as they are a billing specialists, and if they are unable to solve it immediately they can connect with the right team. 


I hope you get this resolved sooner rather than later.