Overcharged Gas Bill + No service

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I have been overcharged on my Gas bill back in June.  I have spoken to people on the phone, gone online, and emailed photos, but still no support.

I was overcharged by approx $300 - this may not be much money to AGL, but it is to a senior.


Someone needs to sort this out for me ASAP.


I was originally asking for a credit against my next bill, but I would now like a refund.

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Still unhappy - when is someone going to contact me???

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @PeggySue I'm sorry to hear you were overcharged on your gas bill! I certainly wouldn't want to be out $300 while I waited on a refund.

Unfortunately we can't resolve issues like this one here in the community. You'll need to get in touch with customer service by phone or web chat, and speak to someone in the Resolutions team.


Another easy way is to log in to your account and click "send us a message".