Mismatch on download bill vs My account dashboard

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Dear Sir


I notice that there is a mismatch on download bill vs My account dashboard.

Could you please resolve this. It is very confusing.


Bill period: 23 Apr 2020 to 21 Jul 2020 (90 days)


download bill says account balance is $45.45cr (Payment not required. Your credit will be
carried forward to your next bill)


Download Bill

My account dashboard says bill is  $73.74




AGL Moderator
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Hi radi2929,


Thanks for being part of the AGL Community.


As this is an account related enquiry, you will need to contact us directly here. You can also use AGL Messenger via the APP or by logging into My Account.


Kind Regards,



AGL Community Manager
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Hi @radi2929 , please log into your account and click "Message Us" so we can resolve this issue.


As this is a public forum, I've removed your identifying info.

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