Meter Update - Old Reading

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Hi, I have been a customer for 2 monthsand both bills have shown outrageously high usage. It is jst my wife and I who work fulltime, however our 'estimated' bells have been up around 20kWh per day on average. We apparently had a smart meter but it wouldn't update our usage online.


A new smart meter was installed today and I was wondering if the final read on that will be noted and our next bill adjusted. So if we were using less than estimated, will we be credited on the next bill, even after our new meter was installed?





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Hi Hayden! 

Welcome to AGL Community! 

When a meter is replaced, a final read is taken from the previous meter. Any relevant adjustments will happen automatically with that reading, if this has not happened I would touch base with us through the AGL App or AGL My Account so we can investigate this for you as there may not be an adjustment needed. 

Thank you