Meter reading mismatch

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Recently when looking at the AGL app, there seems to be a big discrepancy (6 times less) between what my Tesla Powerwall exported to the AGL and what AGL received. Tesla reported 61.8 kWh yet AGL reported only 9.9kWh.

Feel like being robbed in broad daylight here 😔😞


 below is what AGL reported 


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How many panels do you have to produce 90kWh.

I used about the same power (3.827 kWh) but exported 32.851 kWh and I don't have a power wall.

According to my inverter I generated 40.3.

Cheers Neil

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It’s a 13.3kw system 

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Congrats @T-N you must have an ideal solar array setup, goodness, you are even capping at probalby 10kw there for a while 🙂


We have fairly new 11.23kw system here and quite the shade here and there during the day, be I have got is just over 71kw for the day (near summer solstice a short while ago).


That is a big discrepancy all right, and if it stands it is literally 'being robbed in broad daylight ' (pun intended ?).


But I notice that says estimated reading.

Maybe wait until it comes through properly, we had that come up on one of our high input days and within a couple of days it was finalised.


Depending where you are, you might be able to get a download of the network folks data to verify feed in for the day.

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Hi @Lester,

it was like that for almost 2 weeks now, where it wasn’t happening before. That’s the concern 🙁 and AGL doesn’t want to look into it and and instead come up with some random bs around “estimate”

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Hmm, I haven't had an estimate stand more than a day or two.

Is this the ONLY day where this sort of anomaly is showing ?


My billing cycle, what I thought was finished on the 19th is now showing 21st, and no roll over (or bill received) as yet.

Final figures have come up on the account / app for the 21st though.


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No @Lester, this has been happening close to 2 weeks now. AGL is not doing a great job of rectifying or explaining any of these 😞