Incorrect Meter reads

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Wondering if anyone else is having almost constant issues with gettinf a meter read read correctly? 

Now last quarter i was charged $1700 for a 3 month period, being as i live in a one bedroom aapartment by myself, there is no way i could have EVER used that much electricity.

I ended up having to get an electrician out to check my apartment for issues and it turns out the issue was that the meter read person had just misread the meter. So my bill went back down to around $300 and i thought that would be the end of my issues.

Apparently not, because now this quarter ive received a bill for $2300 and im so angry that this issue reappearing.

Its like AGL havent taught their employees how to read meters if they are managing to get it so very wrong each time! 

Just curious to know if anyone else is having similar problems with AGL because right now my trust in them is gone and ive been with them happily for 5 years until now

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Hi Law89,


Sorry you have had this issue with your account.


This matter has been flagged with our billing team to have the account adjusted to the correct meter readings.


Kind Regards,


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Hey law,

The issue was never resolved and i kept receiving the high bills every month. I got the final bill resolved but wasnt willing to trust in AGL again to bill me correctly so i had to change providers. Such a shame because i really had trust in AGL until this issue. With the new provider ive had no issues with getting correct meter reads and billing. 

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Incorrect meter read once in blue moon? Well for sure AGL's blue moon comes too often. I was sent $756 bill although I live by myself. Got it corrected. But again happened next bill cycle and the next bill cycle too. 
Excuse was incorrect meter reading taken but reading was out by freaking over 400 units. 

Question to AGL is how the hell are you guys training your people and are you paying them well enough to do there job properly??


It's become part of my life to receive wrong bill and then get it corrected.


Can I put that in my resume as my skill??

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Hi @Singh , your meter is read by your local energy distributor, not by AGL, and they send the reading to us.


Are the bills you are referring to estimated bills, or actual reads? If we are repeatedly receiving actual reads that are incorrect, this definitely needs to be investigated.

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Do I pay my bill to local energy distributer? 

Any fault will billing AGL has to count for it.


I had 3 wrong bills of which 2 were actual reading and 1 estimated. 


If a consumer had to correct bill almost everytime maybe get rid of meter reading people. 

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I appreciate your frustration regarding this Singh, unfortunately we can't replace the distributor. So we can assist further and provide the relevant feedback please get in touch with the resolutions team via messenger in My Account.

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Bit of a while between posts. I’ve left the discrepancy with the resolution team at the moment. Our recent bill is $2194, saying that our controlled load usage was 9801kwh. I’ve looked through our last two years of bills and found the first time the meter was misread. The misreads have been constant since 2018. Were you able to sort it all out? 

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Unless you have a smart meter, meters are read generally by your supplier (the person that looks after the poles and wires) not your retailer (AGL in this case).

I suggest a few things:

1. Learn how to read your meter (from the web) and submit your own reading.

2. Look at your bill and see if readings are Actual or Estimated.

3. If estimated then the reason may be that the meter reader does not have access to the property.


If the meter is not directly accessible by the reader they may make a guestimate on your reading.

Do you have a dog that is not allowing the meter reader access, have you added a lock to the gate or even to your meter box.

If you needed to lock your meter box your supplier (the company that owns the poles and wires) should have supplied the locking device.

Hope this helps (don't forget the like button)


Cheers Neil

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