Solar Meter Charge

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I am looking for a new energy provider. Can you tell me if AG charges a solar meter charge? Also on it says a recurring charge of $28.11. Does anyone know what this would be? Thanks in advance!

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Hi Kerry79,


In Queensland for residential customer there is currently a Solar Metering Charge of 7.7 cents per day including GST. This would be the recurring charge you can see of $28.11 on the Basic Plan Information Documents, if you are not in Queensland please reach out to the team, and they will be able to review this further for you.


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Try this site


When you get on it change your postcode to get the correct plans.


I would suggest that you look at the solar savers plans as they have higher feed-in rates.

BUT, if you are a high energy user you may want look at supply prices.


For instance if you have a daily usage of say 25 Kw and a small solar system (say 3Kw) you would on most days generate less than you are using. The house would consume most of the power and you would have no benefit in having a high solar feed-in amount, but would benefit by having a lower grid input price.


Similarly if you are a low power user say 7kw you would benefit (most days) by having a slightly higher grid price and a higher feed-in price (a Solar Saver account).


Use your last power bill to work out a daily price (divide each meters Kw, by the number of days, then add the supply price to get a daily figure)



You used 746Kw of peak, 300kw of controlled and fed 1500kw into the grid, your supply charge is 90cents per Day.

To get your current cost per day simply divide the Total Amount of your bill by the number of days

Say $781 / 90 days or $8.68 a day



The billing period is 90 days.

Daily Peak = 746/90 (8.29kw a day)

Controlled = 300/90 (3.34 Kw a day)

Solar = 1500/90 (16.67 Kw a day)

Calculate your current daily cost using your bill.

Now go to the site above and using a plan get the figures for usage.


General charges Includes GST (This is a Solar Savers package for SA)


Daily supply charge: 89.10 cents/day

General  or peak usage rates: 40.38 cents/kWh
Controlled load usage: 22.12 cents/kWh
Solar feed-in : 18 cents/kWh exported


Using the daily figures calculated from above:

Supply        =  $0.8910 * 1              -   $0.89

General      =  $0.4038 * 8.29        -    $3.35

Controlled =  $0.2212 * 3.34        -    $0.74

                                                Total -    $4.98 (this is a debit to you)


Solar           =  $0.1800 * 16.67     -     $3.00 (this is a credit to you)


Daily cost would then be $4.98 - $3.00 or $1.98  (a day)


Multiply $1.98 * 90 days (same as your last bill was) to get $198.


So you can see that going with this plan would save you $583 a quarter. (Remember I just made up the original bill figures to start with)


Hope this helps in your decision making.


There is no mention of recurring charges on the plans I looked at.

I believe that there is a chargeable monitoring fee that is applicable if you take that option (which I do not recommend).


Your My Usage page if you go with AGL will supply you with daily costs (does not include supply charge) in a graph if you want to look at it.


Not an AGL employee only a member of the AGL community (same as what you did when you posted this).


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Cheers Neil

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NOV 21

is that 7.7c / day

my friend says it's off his 12c feedin???