I have not received my bill.

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Hi - I live in a fire affected community and since a major interruption to power I have not received any bill.  My Billing period is the 18th of the month, the last period ending 18 January, and I am usually alerted to my bill on 20th of the month.  I have a smart meter and solar and I prefer monthly billing without any estimates factored into the billing. 

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Hi BernieC, thank you for reaching out.


We are supporting all of our customers that are affected by the bush fires by placing their accounts on hold. Please contact our dedicated Bushfire Relief Helpline on 1300 001 545 when you’re ready.


You can also find further information on our website:




Kind regards,



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Edward has been an AGL customer for many years. He always had the account d/d monthly. On April 29 2020 acc number 7066406898  $57.55 was  d/d.   This has been the last account.  He has been waiting for another account but none has arrived. In six months we  have used power with no account. We realise there will be a large bill.  Is AGL the supplier?  


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Hi Edward, 


Thanks for being part of the AGL Community.


You will need to contact us directly for this billing enquiry. Please find ways to contact us here, or you can also use AGL Messenger via the APP and My Account.


Kind Regards,