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Re: Grid voltage measurement

Hi Will36. My inverter is a Solis 1P5K-4G-MX. I did find out that Essential Energy had made a change that was in place for about a week. When they restored to normal my solar also went back to normal.
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Grid voltage measurement

My solar panels have been shutting down on and off for some time due to overvoltage. My inverter is set shut down at 255 volts. Is it possible for the grid voltage to be measured and displayed on my smart meter? - after all the smart meter must be calculating power usage based on volts and amps - and can it provide a record of when this occurs?
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I have not received my bill.

Hi - I live in a fire affected community and since a major interruption to power I have not received any bill. My Billing period is the 18th of the month, the last period ending 18 January, and I am usually alerted to my bill on 20th of the month. I have a smart meter and solar and I prefer monthly billing without any estimates factored into the billing.
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Re: EDMI Atlas mk10d smart meter codes

Thanks Jayden. Very helpful and quick response. I can now make sense of my usage and generation.
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