I am being harassed by the AGL systems

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I having been my bills on time for months (possible years). In the past you were able to email the bill to me. I have records showing that.


Then, in September, I received a text message saying you were suddenly unable to email me at the same address. I rang the contact number and after a lengthy wait, I spoke to one of your operators who said that he had 'confirmed' the email address in your system.


In October, I received the same text message. So I logged into my account and tried to update the email address myself. It would no longer accept the email that you had successfully used up until September. So I entered an alternative email. I also changed my payment type to direct debit.


I have just received the same SMS from you once again. I would really like this harassment to stop.


Thank you





AGL Moderator
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Hi danskelsey, Thanks for reaching out and we are sorry to hear about the experience. I will send you a private message shortly to resolve this issue. Cheers, Deepesh