Wrong metre reading and repeated ineffective communication

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I am a new user and just received the bill, but the meter reading displayed on the bill is far from my actual meter reading. The last service provider charged more electricity in the last estimated bill. So far, I have not reached the estimated metre reading, and I don't think I should receive the bill.

AGL Moderator
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Hello @Henry0007, Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. 


I am sorry to hear that your initial bill has the incorrect meter read and am happy to help out. 


I will send you a message so I can get some details from you an take a look into your account/ 


Kind Regards, 




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Read your METER right now.

Tell AGL what it is.

Then read your METER regularly and send the reads to AGL.

Regularly to me means weekly or less.

I suspect that your meter reader was not reading your meter.

Unless you have moved the same meter reader is reading your meter.

Cheers Neil

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