Hurting the elderly

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Well my stomach is turning. My 80 year old Mum on a pension who has so many worries including lung cancer has just been told by the resolution team that her pensioner concession has not been applied to her account since 2018. She has been a customer of AGL for around 16 or so years. She rang weeks ago to query something and was told her concession was not on and they would do that now. She rang again yesterday and was told that no concession had been applied and they would fix that now. Having been lied to already she rang again today to double check it was done and was told she has not had concession since 2018, but it was done yesterday. Also, she was informed that it was Centrelink's fault and nothing to do with them, no back credits whatsoever. This assumption by AGL is totally false as Centrelink has always been aware and fully informed.
Furthermore, Mum wrote down the transaction in 2018 in her notebook, as this problem seemingly had occurred when she changed her address. This is disgusting and now shaking with nerves she is back on the phone trying to get some help from them but as she has already been in touch with the resolution team she is about to get dealt more grief. Inhumane in my opinion. She has been a loyal customer for so many years and I tried to get her to go on cheaper plans that were presented to her on the comparison website during the $250 grant process ( Centrelink Pension needed to be shown mind you). Mum however wanted to be loyal to AGL and this is what happens to her! 
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Hi @noaddedsugar, Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback. 


We apologise to hear the poor service your mother has received from us and want to help out with her concession. 


Unfortunately, backdating a concession rebate is determined by the Government, however we can check the eligibility criteria and submit a request if eligible.


I'll send you a private message so we can get your details and check the eligibility criteria for a concession backdate. 


Kind Regards,