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Is there anyway to contact AGL by email instead of calling.  It takes about 5 minutes just to get into the queue after you press this button, press that button, listen to all the messages, enter your account, your date of birth (which is rejected).  This takes 5 minutes and then you are always told all the operators are very busy. Other companies have a simple online form you can fill out to get an email response at a later time.  I don't want to have to wait on the phone all the time.  I tried chat but for my enquiry it said I had to call 1800 680 430.

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Hey crispy136!


Great question.


By logging into your AGL My Account (link here), you can chat directly with our customer service team online by following the prompt that'll appear in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Simply send through your enquiry and you'll receive a response as soon as an agent is available. You can then come back to the conversation at a time that is convenient for you.





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I believe there is a scam going on.  You receive a message via mobile stating that they have not received you last energy installment payment.  You have to ring a number which is not yours, and verify all personal details.  Sounded odd, hung up.   Anyone else have this experience?

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Hi @Paris4usus , this does sound odd. Could you please take a screenshot or copy the text message so that we can investigate and verify?

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