How do I contact AGL, provided services not working

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Earlier today I tried to sign up to AGL, however the website wasn't working. So I decided to call up, eventually got through to someone and communication was rough so the connection date is incorrect.

I've tried to get in contact with someone again and the website still isn't working, the live chat isn't working, and calling leaves me on hold then sends me through to a 'providing feedback' section, then disconnects me.

How do I get in contact with someone to help get this issue sorted since all the options provided don't work. 
If I can't get in contact with someone I'll just have to change to a different provider so I have electricity on the right date

AGL Moderator
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Hi CelesteD! 


That sounds annoying for you, I am sorry to hear that. 


If you still need assistance I recommend touching base with our Messaging team through the online account or AGL App. 


Thank you 


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What if you’re spent more than 90 minutes on hold with the on line chat.


rang AGL. Due to high call load I was sent a link to online chat 


Over 3 hours since I tried to change my plan.