Gas bill projection too high

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Just plugged into the AGL app the meter reading for gas at my place and was shocked to see the projected bill and usage. Could you please check if it's correct or if I've had a leak/faulty meter? The house isn't always occupied so finding it hard to believe the usage/costs to be so high.


Have included photos of the meter reading, projected cost, and previous usage to show just how exorbitant the price is - pretty much double usual amount!


If it's correct could I have some one contact me about changing plans. I thought being on "value saver" would actually mean something.





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Hi @mushysushi - thank you for your question.

I can understand how shocking it can be to see a high bill projection.

I'm going to message you privately to get some more details.

Kind regards,


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I received the Gas bill for 8 Aug to 3 Nov asking for $436.78. Based on the bill, the meter reading on 3 November was 2497.99. On 9 November, I took photo of the meter, its reading was 2481. We were overseas from 7 September to 30 October and the usage should have reduced to 1/3 of the normal. On 29 November, I took photo of the meter again, its reading was 2518. That means we used 37 for 20 days. Our usage for August to November in 2022 was 215 and for May to August 2023 was 221. After I spent hours talking and writing to AGL, I received a revised bill asking for $412.58 for the same period of 8 Aug to 3 Nov adopting the meter ready of 2481 that I took on 9 Nov. How can the meter reads 2497.99 on 3 Nov and 2481 on 9 Nov? I lost my confidence in AGL's meter reading completely. I am very disappointed with the revised bill as it didn't reflect the less use of gas for we were overseas for nearly 2 months. 

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Hi Joan,


Thank you for reaching out.


We are sorry to hear about your billing issue and would love the opportunity to resolve this for you.


In order to take a look at your account we will need to get some further information from you.


We have just send you a private message.


Kind regards,