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calculating GST, I do not know how you guys work out the GST amount on a bill. It's not the total amount of 10% can you show the calculation of the GST total in the future bills please?


ie Total charge: $214.66


GST:  $17.99 What % of it????

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Hey Someone,


Firstly this is not a new idea

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AGL has a document.

Your AGL bill explained 


Here  is my last bill. (I will put the maths in RED and BOLD for you)


New charges and credits.
Usage and supply charges                          Units                   Price                 Amount
General Usage                                            498.92kWh        $0.378                 $188.59
Supply charge                                                    90 days        $0.830                  $74.70
Total charges                                                                                                  + $263.29

 (General Usage + Supply Charge = $263.29  ..... this is the amount I owe AGL for electricity and supply)


 Standard Feed-in Tariff*                       1979.349kWh        $0.2                    $395.87cr
Total credits                                                                                                  - $395.87cr

 (This is the amount  that AGL owes me for solar feed-in  $397.87)


Total new charges and credits                                                                       -$132.58cr

(This is    $397.87 minus $263.29 = $132.58   Credit to me)


Total GST                                        + $26.33

( GST is 10% of $263.29   = $26.329 (with rounding)  = $26.33)

Account Due                                = $106.25cr

(Account Due is $132.58 that AGL owes me, minus the GST = -$132.58+ $26.33)

AGL now owes me $106.25


Now I presume without seeing your actual bill that your USAGE Charges totalled $179.90 as that is what your GST is.


You must have other items on your bill that you have not stated as ($179.90 + $17.99 = $197.89)

You have stated $214.66 as your amount.




Cheers Neil

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I've moved this across to the Accounts and Billing forum. 


@NeilC has done a great job of breaking down the bill explainer. There may also be fees and charges on your bill that do not include GST. See 


It's difficult to provide more detail without access to your bill. Please contact customer support if you need more assistance with it.