First electricity bill still missing, electricity usage and solar not showing

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I am really disappointed with how things are being handled by AGL with my current issue. Since November 28 2020 the electricity usage in app or web account has stopped updating and same with the solar export. I have raised this issues multiple times via chat support and have been told that my account was on hold due to them needing to fix something with the rates and the electricity usage should be working again once the first bill is issued. So then it meant I had to wait for my first bill which the billing period was til January 28. Well we’re basically halfway of February and I have not received my first electricity bill, and no resolution in sight. I have contacted chat support multiple times only to be told my first bill will be there at the earliest. When is earliest? How do I know my bill will be correct? This is beyond frustrating. I have sent a complaint but I haven’t heard back either. I am usually a very patient customer but this is really incredibly frustrating and the lack of proper timeline and communication to the customer is unbelievable. All I wanted is an accurate first electricity bill to be issued as supposedly the billing period ended in January 28? It’s now Feb 19? And also for the electricity usage and solar export to start showing again in my account? Am I to wait months before I get my first bill? I have never experienced this before. This is beyond reasonable waiting times. Can somebody in higher authority please resolve this instead of me just receiving same replies but nothing seem to happen afterwards? Thank you

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @a_z88 shoot me a private message (click my name) with your account number and I'll follow up on this for you.

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Hi David @David_AGL ,


I have sent you a PM with my account number. Thank you.