Cannot access my AGL account

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I am a new customer and signed up for an AGL account this Monday. Our electricity and gas connection has been scheduled for the middle of this month. On Monday, I did see my AGL online account was all good. But there is a typo in my first name and I asked the agent to correct it. Then after that, I found I cannot access my account. I got the error message as shown below: 



I use Chrome and I tried to clear cache. But it doesn't work. I also tried to log into AGL mobile app via my iphone, I got the following error:



The other agents told me when the connection is done later this month, I will be able to access my account. But I don't think that's true. Because I did access my account for a little while on Monday, and I found many people have similar issues. Could you please help me on this issue?  If you need further information, please let me know. Thank you so much.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @JeffWang 


The information provided to you by the customer service agents was accurate - your account and usage data will become accessible up to a week or so after your connection is established. 

If this doesn't happen, or if you find that your name is still incorrect at that time, please feel free to follow up here.

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Thanks David. I will keep an eye on this and resolve once I have my account accessible.