Feed in Tariff

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I am still till 2025 on a 20 c feed in tariff for a 5.5 kw system.  If I add another 5.5 kw system does the FIT stay orn does it chance?


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I believe if you change that system at all . . . (extra panels, a larger or 2nd inverter etc) then you will lose your current deal.

I'm not 100% sure how if works if you have single phase power supply, ie, if you can hook up another separate 5.5kw of panels and another 5kw inverter, and have it into the home / grid or battery combo.


If you have 3 phase, it would be easy to hook up another 5kw system to another phase.


The thing to do 1st is check with your network provider what your export limit is.

It might be 5kw, or 10kw etc.


Ours is 10kw for our location, and as we have 3 phase here we can have that per phase if we wanted.