Why was my account cancelled when I didn’t request this

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How was my account cancelled and disconnected when I never request for it to be? 
I have called AGL which was a complete waist of time, the person I spoke with was unable to provide answers. They logged my issue and said an investigation would be carried

out as to who requested the cancellation and why. I was told AGL would NOT contact me to provide an update/explanation and if I wanted to know anything further like the outcome or progress of the investigation that I would need to call AGL back to follow. I was also told another retailer could have raised a CR for the NMI to be transferred

to them. If this was the case I am baffled as to why AGL didn’t advise the retailer there was an active account in place and to go back to their customer for confirmation of the meter number. It is very disappointing the lack of customer service provided by AGL where ‘I’ the customer needs to follow up AGL in regards to the cancellation and disconnection of my account when it was not requested by me, the account holder. I have had also had several chat messages on the AGL website but once again this has been a waist of time and am going around in circles, getting told the exact same thing in my initial message, explaining my issue. I work for a energy broker and also with AGL on a day to day basis and am fully aware of the process retailers are to follow when a request has been made by another retailer for the release of the NMI but there is already an active account open and why AGL did not follow this process.


Would love some clarification on all of the above.


Thank you,



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This is the exact situation I am in..

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Just happened to me. AGL was no help.

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I'm going through same but I have evidence it's my landlord trying his luck at illegal eviction. Does everyone else have any disputes at court or nah?