Extra payments while on a bill smoothing plan?

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Currently on a bill smoothing plan.


In light of current rising energy prices, I wanted to make a couple of additional payments mid-billing-cycle to reduce the likelihood of the monthly (smoothed) direct debit amount being reviewed upwards at next bill or meter read date.


I made these payments (to both Gas and Electricity) a few weeks ago inside the AGL online account, and can see they've gone through my credit card, but I don't see them in the "Transaction History" inside the Billing section.


Is there a way of verifying that they've been processed and applied to the respective Electricity and Gas accounts, or is that not visible until hopefully they appear as extra credits on the next account in a few weeks' time?


I tried calling account enquiries, but getting through on the phone is nigh impossible.




AGL Moderator
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Hi EJS, thanks for being part of the Neighbourhood.


You will be able to view your payments on the bill itself once it's issued. We can also check your account or provide an account statement to show the payments received. If you'd like a copy of this, please get in touch with us here. 


Kind Regards,


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That's fine. Happy to wait until the bill is issued.


Just wanted to check how this worked as I hadn't made similar additional payments before and wasn't sure whether to be concerned that they weren't appearing in the transaction history.  


Thanks for responding.