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AGL advised me recently that they would be transferring me to their Core Plan when my current plan expires soon.  There is no information on the AGL Website at all regarding this plan. So I phoned and was advised that this is a "fallback" plan that all power suppliers use !!!!  It is the most expensive "plan" you can be on  There is no information about the Super Saver Plan, nor the Senior Savers Plan that they previously suggested.  There appears to be only 3 plans available.  I am talking about Electricity supply only.  I have phoned them and the rates quoted for the elusive Senior Savers Plans differed to what was given by virtual assistant.  I have used the "chat" box on the website which is extremely frustrating.  I have this morning asked for the tariffs on the Super Savers Plan and waited for an answer for quite a long time, that did not appear and no this was not with the virtual assistant it was with a "live" person.  If anyone can advise where I can gain accurate information I would be grateful.  Otherwise I will have to trawl through the comparison site and change my provider.  Maybe both of these plans are obsolete and if so why did AGL suggest them in the first place.

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NOT, go here and type in your address, plans differ all around the country. 


You can compare plans there for your specific address.


Here in SA (also on electricity only, with solar), the Seniors rates were same as normal Value Savers, but there was a $25 sign up discount, that MIGHT actually apply to each quarterly bill.

When I just checked AGL site and it says up to $200 a year discount, so that might be quarterly.


Not long after getting onto Seniors plan, I switched to Night Saver EV plan, so not sure about that rebate.