Email from AGL about plan changing

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I got an email saying my plan is ending so I will be losing my 32% pay on time discount. I really don't understand electricity plan pricings and am worried this means I'll be paying a lot more a quarter, which I can't afford once the new plan starts. it looks like usage is a little cheaper but then without the discount it'd still probably be more than I'm currently paying? When I put those plans in to check they say over $400 a quarter but I currently pay a bit over $200, is that partially because I'm not using as much power as the plan description assumes or what? 

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Hi @LRB33


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I'll send you a private message to grab your account details from you, so I can look into this and let you know what options are available at the moment.


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I also received a letter saying that my 20c solar feed in tariff will be changed to 12c for the first 14kw per day. This after i invested heavily in solar to reduce my electricity costs. I reran all my usage calculations and it works out that my electricity costs have now gone up by 58.16%. This is nothing short of criminal. AGL, appears like other providers to be charlatans and fleece the community. AND, to top it all they still offer the best plan which shows what crooks the other providers are. Once again big corporates will hold the community at ransom.

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Hi @Butch,


Thanks for reaching out. Sounds like your old Solar Savers plan is finishing up and rolling over to our current Solar Savers plan. We understand that the market solar rates have been decreasing over the last couple of years impacting how much credit you're receiving for your solar export. You can check our current plans on offer here, to ensure that Solar Savers is the best option for you.


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