Very Strange Electricity Usage Charges

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So I have a smart meter and I am on the Business Flexible Saver for a property that we only use rarely, mostly for storage. Due to the unexpectedly high charges (thanks AGL!) for a space that we almost don't use, I got into the habit of switching off all the safety switches on the power board just in case (including the hot water), except for one line that powers a little bar fridge that consumes a super low amount of electricity. (verified by our electrician)


Considering that we only visit the site infrequently and all switches are off, I am banging my head across the wall trying to figure out how the bills show that we use energy daily (including weekends) and at all different tariff times (Peak, off-Peak and Shoulder) and a total bill of $1,101.62 


Also, another strange thing, since the start, we get charged the dreaded Demand Tariff which curiously is always 10.46kW on every single bill, without any variation. 🤔 


Called the business help centre, the lady on the phone bless her heart was keen to help but I think the matter was above her pay grade. She could not work out why the system shows that we use electricity at all hours of the day and night, why every bill shows the same demand consumption without variations from billing period to billing period, and why the app and the online portal is missing the option for us to view the daily/hourly breakdown, as we have a smart meter. 


Basically, AGL system won't allow us to switch to a plan with fixed rates, the bills are exorbitant, the dreaded demand tariff is always the exact same in every billing period, the charges can not be explained and the app and online portal will not allow us to see usage breakdown. Why AGL? 💸💸💸 😢

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Hi @Halkideos,


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I'd be more than happy to assist you with this. I'll send you a private message to grab some details from you.


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