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Hi All

can anyone confirm if AGL do comprehensive credit reporting. I would have thought of bills are over $150 that would?

I attempted to ask them and got nothing back, If they don’t is anyone aware which elec company does for paying bills on time?


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Hi Mattb1, thanks for being part of the Neighbourhood.


We do conduct a Credit Check upon customer sign up. You can view more information about this on our website here.


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Hi, the reply did not answer my question.

the question was do you do comprehensive credit reporting. Yes I’m aware of potentially checking someone’s credit for a new application and also aware of bills are not paid they go on someone’s credit file as a default.

my question was since all my elec bills are over $150 why isn’t my good payment history reported back through to credit body’s? To establish some for of credit building as at the end of the day it is a form of credit??

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Hi MAttb1! 


You'll need to speak with our Resolution Managers team for more information on the specifics you're after on our Credit Reporting Policy, please Contact Us and we can get you connected.