Submitting meter reading in MyAccount a joke

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I just tried to add meter reading in MyAccount and it was rejected. After a couple of tries it will not let you progress. So I tried from my ipad and desktop to add the photo, the icon does not work so you cannot add the photo.

So i thought i would email, but could not find an address, so I rang and they send me an email so I can send photo. I read email it tells me to do exactly what i have been doing for two nights.

It appears the only way is to download an app which I don't want. 

Sorry but that is not service. We were looking for a new deal so this may be the decider

AGL Moderator
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Hello Mam! 


Welcome to AGL Neighbourhood! 


You should absolutely be able to provide a meter reading via the My Account in the browser if you don't want to download the app, more information about that can be found here

If that is not working for you, please let us know via the chat function in My Account, as we will need to investigate as well as get your reading updated for you. 


Appreciate your time.