Understanding the AGL App with solar

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We've got solar, a smart meter and the ability for the app to update the readings daily.


I have a question with the App....


Under "Overview" section, it has a Balance field and a Sold to Grid field.


The dollar value in Sold to Grid  is the same dollar value under the "Usage" section as Sold to Grid.


However the Balance field in Overview is different to Usage so Far under the Usage section. What do these values mean, as they don't seem to line up with the bill.


Currently my App is showing the following;

Overview  - Balance +$17.64 and Sold to Grid +$249.08

Usage - Sold to Grid +$249.08 and Usage so Far $92.40


What does that mean, that I am currently in credit $17.64?  Wouldn't that be the difference of $249.08 and $92.40 ?


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What is the difference between “Balance” and “Usage so far”?

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Usage is the amount you have used in the current billing period.


Balance is the current DEBIT or CREDIT on your account.


For instance if you make a manual payment into your account this will show within a few days.


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Cheers Neil

Cheers Neil

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