Cancellation of a pending payment

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I am on the staying in connected plan and have set up an agreement with AGL for $130 p/f on electricity and $60 p/f on gas. I am a single mum on the pension, I went to pay both my gas and electricity this morning. I was able to pay the $130 on electricity but when it came to paying my gas bill it took, the whole $648.99 out of my account. I now can’t afford to pay rent or groceries for the fortnight as it took all the money I had aside for that. Can I get some assistance please

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Hi Mel092! 

Welcome to the AGL Community! 

Please get in touch with our Staying Connected team directly on 1300 659 925 or via AGL Messaging on your AGL My Account and they'll be able to review your account and payments to see what's happened. 


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